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Mobile measurement system Mobile Lab

MBJ Mobile Lab 5.0

The MBJ Mobile Lab 5.0 combines a post-LED solar simulator with a high-resolution electroluminescence test system.

The mobile laboratory for solar modules enables standard-compliant and precise on-site testing at high throughput.

This innovation is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

MBJ Solutions Bifazialer Sonnensimulator Innenansicht

A+A+A+ Sun Simulators with innovative LED technology!

Our LED Sun Simulator with TÜV Rheinland certified LED light source according to IEC 60904-9 Ed.3 inspects modules up to a size of 1400 x 2750 mm.

The long lifetime, a stable light source over the full lifetime and the long pulse duration are a guarantee for better measurement results at significantly lower costs.

MBJ Solutions Deep Learning Grafik

Deep Learning

Reliable and powerful.

Defect detection with artificial intelligence in all our electroluminescence systems.

MBJ Solutions News

Defect detection with artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, the proven inspection performance of the MBJ electroluminescence testers has once again significantly improved. A pre-trained neural network reliably detects typical defects such as micro-cracks, dark areas and soldering defects, while the pseudo defect rate is once again significantly reduced.

Remarkably, the deep learning method is very robust to variations in the cell material. The time-consuming and error-prone optimization of the image processing parameters is completely eliminated. Only a few more sample images are required for optimization. With relatively little effort, additional defect classes can be added according to customer requirements.

MBJ offers image processing with neural networks for all electroluminescence inspection systems in its product range.

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Solarmodul mit Defekten

Proven Electroluminescence Technology

With the help of electroluminescence images critical defects such as microcracks and soldering defects are made visible in PV modules . This test improves overall product quality and it optimizes the production process. Electroluminescence testing is a standard in todays module manufacturing and indispensable in production. These systems are usually used before lamination as process control and at the end of the production line as output control for all modules produced.

The requirements for the electroluminescence test have steadily increased in the last years. Today, as example, cycle times of less than 20 sec are required. An automatic evaluation with a high-resolution system is therefore the standard. With more than 450 electroluminescent test systems installed worldwide, MBJ is the market leader in Europe, offering the right solution for all requirements.

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Innovative LED-Technologie

LED technology is the future. With our LED flashers a flash duration of up to 200ms can be realized without any problems, which is indispensable for new module concepts. The LEDs are designed for several million measurements, under normal conditions, replacement of the LEDs is no longer necessary. The light intensity and the spectrum also remain stable over the entire product life cycle.

The long life of the LEDs also leads to an immense cost savings compared to a xenon flasher. Another advantage of LED technology is that the individual LEDs or the groups of LEDs can be controlled very precisely. This control allows a nearly constant luminosity over the entire flash duration. The very good stability of the light source leads to an excellent reproducibility of the measurement results. Are you interested? Find out more about our LED solar simulators.

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