Mobil Test Equipment - for the PV-Industry

We are offering moble measurement and test equipment for the PV-Industry. Our systems include a triple A+ LED sun simulator, a high resolution EL tester and several other tests integrated into a standard container. The system is easy to move allowing measure directly in the field.

Our LED based light source fulfills a TÜV certified class A+ according to IEC60904 Ed3. The system is also avilable as bare-bone equipment for self-integration or, within the EU, build into a trailer.  The bare-bone equipment is ready for the latest module sizes based on M12 size solar cells.

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MBJ MobilLab 4.0 Trailer

Mobile Lab 4.0

The Mobile Lab 4.0 is designed for use in the field. It combines an LED sun simulator for power and IV-curve measurement and an electroluminescence inspection system. Optional tests like infrared imaging or HiPot testing can be added to the system. The 4th generation provides a TÜV certified LED light source according to IEC 60904-9 Ed.3.

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MBJ Solutions Mini Lab

Mini Lab 4.0

The MBJ Mini Lab is the small, light weight brother of the Mobile Lab 4.0. It is ideal as an easy to setup laboratory system or for the installation in your own container, trailer or truck. Despite its compact design, the Mini Lab consists of a high-resolution electroluminescence system and a trippel A+ LED sun simulator for power and IV curve measurements.

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MBJ Solutions Mobile EL System

MBJ Mobile EL

The MBJ Mobile EL is a high-resolution electroluminescence test system for loose and built-in individual modules. The components are mounted space-saving in a flight case, so nothing stands in the way for a worldwide use at incoming goods inspection or to examine individual, built-in modules.

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MBJ MobilLab 4.0 Trailer

Second Hand Equipment

Here you will find information about used systems that we can offer to you at a reduced price.

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