PV recycling made easy with the new MBJ Module Tester

MBJ has developed a new compact system that makes testing old photovoltaic modules for reuse simple and efficient.

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The solar industry is booming, with more roofs being covered with environmentally friendly solar panels and green electricity being generated every day.

This is a hugely important step for climate protection. But what happens when a module reaches the end of its life? When it no longer produces enough electricity?

The recycling of old modules will become a major issue in the coming years. MBJ is also working intensively on the topic of recycling and has developed a special inspection system for this purpose.
After all, not every module needs to be scrapped and it is in the interests of sustainability to reuse these modules.

As an all-in-one solution, our system measures the most important criteria of a module. This allows a quick and cost-effective decision to be made as to whether a module can be reused or whether it needs to be disposed of properly.

What technology is in the MBJ Module Tester?

The MBJ Module Tester is designed as a manual inline system for in-depth quality analysis of photovoltaic modules. It is also the perfect product for small series production lines, special module production lines or even for recycling lines.

The MBJ Module Tester consists of a high-resolution electroluminescence system and an A+A+A+ LED sun simulator for power measurement.

Operation is simple: the modules are loaded via a roller table, pushed manually into the measuring position and connected electrically to the system manually. The measuring position is very easy to change to the standard module formats.

Manual operation simplifies the system and leads to an enormous reduction in the product price.The system can test up to 120 modules per hour, with the operator being supported by the user-friendly software when assessing the EL images and evaluating the data.
The LED technology guarantees a long service life of the light source, which leads to an enormous reduction in maintenance costs.

The MBJ Module Tester: A slimmed-down sun simulator?

The answer is yes. Recycling is important and necessary in order to use our world's resources responsibly.It is therefore essential that recycling must be profitable if it is to be done.
The MBJ Module Tester tests the most important and necessary characteristics for recycling. We dispense with fully automated handling and concentrate on the most important thing: the remaining performance and safety of the old modules.


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