Even more Mobility for the MBJ Module Lab

MBJ Solutions Mobile Lab now again available as a trailer! Do you prefer a van, container or trailer? The Mobile Lab is suitable for all variants, you just have to choose one.

MBJ MobileLab as Trailer or Transporter

We are pleased to announce that the proven MBJ Solutions Mobile Lab is now available in a new configuration. To meet your needs even better, we have once again successfully integrated our mobile sun simulator into a trailer.

The MBJ Solutions Mobile Lab sets new standards in mobile PV test technology. With the new trailer integration, we offer you another option to easily move the system to different locations. This enables efficient on-site measurement of your solar modules, saves time and money, and is completely independent of geographical location.

Of course, we still offer our proven installation into a transporter. Additionally, we have a lab solution integrated into a 20 ft container. For more stationary applications, we offer our new MBJ ModuleTester. You decide which lab suits you best.

Main features of the MBJ Solutions Mobile Lab:

The Sun Simulator: TÜV-certified A+A+A+ LED light source with up to 13 LED types in accordance with IEC 606904-9 Ed.3 for modules up to a size of 1400 x 2700 mm.

Electroluminescence Test: High-resolution electroluminescence images to identify defects and malfunctions with up to 30 MPixel resolution.

Further Tests: Electrical connection test, the innovative diode test and an optional hipot & ground bond test.

All tests integrated in one compact system. The results are stored on the system's laptop and managed by our easy-to-use software. Generate PDF reports directly on site or mark and evaluate the modules later at your leisure in the office.

We at MBJ Solutions are proud to be able to offer you even more flexibility for your solar module tests with this additional option. If you have any further questions or individual requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find out more about our products on our website www.mbj-solutions.com or contact us directly at info(at)mbj-solutions.com.

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