LED Sun Simulator: inline and stand-alone

We are offering innovative LED triple A+ sun simulators for integration into the production line and for stand-alone operation in the laboratory or in incoming goods. Our LED sun simulators provide a best in class repeatability, a long pulse duration and low maintenance cost. 

Our LED based light source fulfills class A+ according to IEC60904 Ed3. We can inspect modules made from M0 to M12 cells and larger


MBJ LED Sun Simulator - Inline

The MBJ LED Sun Simulator inline is made for 100% testing of modules in the production line. It is available in different sizes: for modules based on cell sizes from M0 - M6, for modules with M12 cells or in the even larger MAX version. All sun simulators are TÜV certified LED triple A+ simulators according to the new standard IEC 60904 Ed3 with wavelengths also in the UV and infrared range. More...

MBJ LED Sun Simulator - Lab version

The MBJ LED Sun Simulator in the laboratory version is an LED solar simulator for use in the laboratory or in small-scale production. Just like the inline machine, it meets the A+ A+ A+ classification according to the IEC 60904 Ed3 standard and is of course certified by TÜV. The design as a compact table top system enables simple manual handling of the modules. More...

MBJ Backend Solution

The MBJ Backend Solution is the perfect combination of a tripple A+ LED solar simulator, a hipot and grounding test and our proven high-resolution electroluminescence technology in a very compact system. Since all checks can be carried out "sunny side down", integration into a production line is easier than ever.  More...