MBJ offers two new products for cell technologies such as perovskites

Research and development of new cell technologies such as perovskites is now even easier with MBJ's flexible Light Soaking Unit and Steady State Sun Simulator.

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Today, silicon solar cells are the standard. In the laboratory, silicon solar cells achieve efficiencies of just under 27%, which is close to what is theoretically possible.

Higher efficiencies are only possible with new materials. One promising approach is the production of tandem solar cells from perovskite and silicon. While silicon absorbs the red and infrared wavelengths of the solar spectrum particularly well, the perovskite crystal absorbs green and blue light particularly well. The combination of the two materials to form a tandem solar cell can then absorb more light and thus achieve higher efficiencies.

MBJ has now developed two new products for precisely this cell technology, which facilitate research and development into new solar cell types.

The new MBJ Light Soaking Unit serves both as a test stand for ageing tests and for preconditioning prior to I/V measurements. It is based on a 380 x 380 mm LED unit with two separately controllable channels (blue/green and IR). The light units can be used as individual units, as light sections or to create larger area lights. A camera for visual inspection or photoluminescence can be integrated into the unit as an option. The LED units are designed for continuous operation.

But there is another new addition to the MBJ product portfolio: The MBJ Steady State Sun Simulator.

This is designed for the characterization of small modules during the development of new cell technologies such as perovskites in the laboratory.
The compact measuring system consists of a sun simulator with continuous light capability and an integrated electroluminescence camera. Modules up to a size of 450 x 450 mm can be tested.
However, the LED unit can also be scaled as required. This means that systems can be built for single cells through to systems for modules.

With these two new products, MBJ now offers the possibility to flexibly research new and sustainable cell technologies and to advance the development of modern solar cells.


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