MBJ Mobile Lab Advanced

The MBJ Mobile Lab Advanced version is designed as a laboratory system for in-depth quality analysis of photovoltaic modules. Integrated in a container, it is ideal for use on site at installation sites. The Mobile Lab Advanced consists of a high-resolution electroluminescence system and an A+A+A+ LED solar simulator for power and IV curve measurement. A diode test and an insulation test are optionally available.

Operation is simple: modules are placed in the system and connected manually. The operator starts the measurement. The user-friendly Windows 10®-based software installed on a notebook enables the assessment of the EL images and the data evaluation of the IV curve. Extensive reporting functions are also included in the software.

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Technical details

Sun simulator

  • A+A+A+ LED flash unit with long flash time
  • TÜV Rheinland certified LED light source (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • Exceeds the requirements of Ed3 classification A+ in terms of
  • spectrum, long-term instability (LTI) and homogeneity
  • Reproducibility of Pmax, flash to flash < +/- 0.2% (absolute)
  • Fast data acquisition with 16 bit / 50 kHz fully synchronous Configurable measurement modes for high-capacity modules such as HTJ and TopCon
  • Very long LED service life more than 10 million flashes


Electroluminescence test

  • Integrated CMOS cameras with a total resolution of up to 30 megapixels
  • Power supply with up to 250 V and 12 A
  • Fully automatic image recording < 5 seconds
  • Software-supported manual EL image evaluation


Other additional tests (some optional)

  • Automatic electrical connection test
  • Test of the bypass diodes
  • Hipot and ground bond test

On-site PV laboratory

The system is designed as a laboratory system for fast and cost-effective testing of solar modules on site.

The laboratory is integrated in a 20-foot container and can therefore be used flexibly on site. The system can be easily transported from one location to the next. The possible uses are diverse: as a stationary laboratory in large PV parks, in the port for sample measurements or during the construction of a solar park for quality control.

The system offers:

  • Power measurement
  • Electroluminescence
  • Diode test
  • Isolation test


Due to the insulation of the container, black interior walls and air conditioning, measurements can be carried out under standard test conditions. In addition, up to 20 modules can be stored in the container so that the modules can acclimatize for the measurement. This means that the system can be used worldwide.

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MBJ technology better than A+

MBJ's LED technology offers many advantages:

The light source is very stable over the duration of the flash and over a very long period of time. Since the LEDs can be controlled very well, the homogeneity is better than A+, the spectrum is better than A+ and the stability of the light flash is also better than A+.

MBJ offers two variants:

The standard variant with 13 LED types and the advanced variant with 22 LED types. Both are of course A+A+A+. Nevertheless, the variant with 22 LEDs achieves laboratory standards with excellent spectral coverage (SPC > 98%) and very low spectral deviation (SPD < 24%).

GUI und Elektrolumineszenz Auswertung Monitor

User-friendly software

The user-friendly Windows 10® software installed on a laptop offers many useful features:

Measurements are organized into jobs, so it is a simple process to keep together what needs to be kept together. Preset failure types, assessments and predefined comment templates, together with graphical presentation of results, make assessing modules easy.

If you don't have time to assess modules during measurement, you can do it later in the office.

The software can create configurable PDF reports from a job or modules of your choice. A report contains graphical data such as the IV curve or EL failure images, exactly as you need them.