MBJ Mobile EL

The MBJ Mobile EL is a lightweight, easy-to-use system for high-resolution in-situ electroluminescence module inspection of loose or already installed solar modules. With the MBJ Mobile EL, hidden defects - such as micro-cracks and inactive areas - can be quickly and reliably identified on site. Dismantling the modules for EL testing is no longer necessary! With the help of the intuitive software, evaluation and reporting is easy to perform. 

MBJ Solutions Mobile EL System
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Technical details


  • Collapsible measuring head made of lightweight aluminum
  • Applicable for framed/unframed glass-glass or glass-foil modules, mono- or multicrystalline as well as PERC types and thin film modules
  • Module based stitching of single images (automated by software)

Max. Module size

  • 1200 x 3000 mm (in three steps)

Electroluminescence inspection system

  • Pixel resolution 600 μm/pixel
  • CMOS camera with 5 megapixel
  • Module current supply with up to 60 V and 24 A
Storage box of the MBJ Mobile EL systems

A truely mobile EL system

The MBJ mobile inspection system fits into one handy metal transport case.

With all components: the measurement head with EL camera, the electronic box providing power supply and module connection, all cables as well as a laptop.

All parts of the EL measurment kit can be assambled in a view simple steps not taking up much time. A step by step instruction is handed over with the system.

Connect the system to 100-230V at 50-60Hz and begin the inspection of your solar panels.

EL imaging

EL imaging of solar modules in installed condition is done at night.
For loose modules, a room darkened against sunlight is sufficient to use the system also during the day, for example for incoming goods inspection.


The EL system in detail:

  • CMOS camera, with 5 Megapixel
  • 600 µm/pixel resolution, equivalent to 10 MPixel for the full panel
  • Power supply unit with up to 60 V, and up to 25 A to the module
  • Image acquisition time ~10 sec for a full panel image
  • Panel is scanned by manual camera head movement on up to three positions
  • Voltage and current controlled by software
  • Operation mode manual image acquisition, manual judgment through operator
Mobiles Inspektionssystem von Solarmodulen auf einem Feld
Elektrolumineszenz Modulbewertung Software

Software for judgment and reporting

The user-friendly software installed on a 14" notebook supports operator judgment based on the MBJ evaluation criteria and provides a useful toolset, especially for batch processing of many results.

The software uses a database-like structure to store results locally and in great detail, including EL images.

Measurements are organized into jobs, making it easy to group and evaluate measurements. Preset defect types, judgments, and predefined comment templates, along with graphical representation of results, make it easy to assess modules.

Create configurable detailed PDF reports from a job or modules of your choice. A report includes graphical data such as the EL error images.