MBJ EL String - Lab

The MBJ EL String - Lab is a stand-alone electroluminescence imaging system. The multiple camera approach allows fastest image acquisition and thereby a balanced workflow. It is the perfect tool for production environments to assure the quality of the solar strings before lamination or after being repaired.

MBJ String tester lab
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Technical details

  • Resolution: 200μm/pixel 
  • Image acquisition time: <5s
  • Camera: cooled 2 Megapixel NIR-CMOS
  • String Size: up to 12 Cells 5“ and 6“ (other on request) 
  • Dimension (WxHxL): 500 mm x 1550 mm x 2100 mm 
SolarString Detailaufnahme

Repairing in module production

After closing the protective cover, the string is automatically connected to the power supply. After connecting the power supply and closing the protective cover, several cooled NIR-CCD cameras take high-resolution EL images of every cell in a string, so that even the smallest micro-cracks become visible.

Key features:

  • Inspectionsystem for production, service and the lab
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast image acquisition through multi-camera concept
  • High resolution
  • Low investment cost

User-friendly software interface

A user-friendly software interface displays the images taken by the cameras in sequence. The user can navigate through the sequence interactively and look at enlarged views of individual images. The strings are assessed manually by the operator. The software stores all results, images, and parameters for a string under a unique ID on the hard drive.

The rapid image acquisition, the convincing operating concept, and an attractive price turn the SolarString EL-basic into a testing system which is particularly well suited to production.

Software Interface