SolarString EL-inline

The SolarString EL-inline is an electroluminescence testing system for testing of strings before layup. The integration of the system direct after the stringing process gives a direct process Feedback. The rapid image acquisition, the convincing operating concept, and an attractive price turn the SolarString EL-inline into a testing system which is particularly well suited to production.

MBJ StringTester inline
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The system checks strings using electroluminescence imagaing for defects like micro cracks and measures the position of the string for the layup system. Using electroluminescence soldering problems are becomming visible and can be so easily corrected.

Special features

  • Inline inspection System for the Integration into layup systems
  • Fast image acquisition through multi camera concept
  • Integrated string measurement for layup control
  • Low investment costs

Data EL-inline

  • Resolution: 200μm/pixel
  • Image acquisition: <5s
  • Camera: cooled 2 Megapixel NIR-CMOS
  • String size:  up to 12 cells (5“ or 6“) 
  • Size (BxHxL): 600 mm x 1200 mm x 2100 mm