MBJ EL lab 5.0

The MBJ EL lab 5.0 is a high-resolution electroluminescence inspection system from MBJ Solutions. The system was specially developed for operation and requirements in the laboratory. Due to the unique mechanical concept, modules of different sizes and characteristics, e.g. before and after lamination, framed and non-framed modules, can be inspected quickly and efficiently on one system.

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Technical details

Tecnical details
  • High resolution electroluminescence inspection, 180 µm/pixel resolution
  • Camera: 12 MPixel cooled CMOS cameras
  • Fully automatic defect detection with AI and deep learning 
  • Image aquisition time: 18 s for the full module
  • Module types: pre-laminates, laminates and framed modules, unframed glass-foil / glass-glass modules
  • All cell sizes up to G12
  • Fast product change
  • User-friendly analysis software included
Elektrolumineszenz-Inspektionssystem für den Betrieb im Labor

Easy to use

The MBJ EL lab 5.0 product family allows easy operation combined with premium electroluminescence images. Proven automatic image processing software designed by MBJ Solutions GmbH detects all relevant defects like micro cracks, dark areas and finger interruptions even on multi crystalline cells. A user friendly graphical user interface displays all defects to the operator.

Key features:

  • Fast product changeover
  • Automatic defect detection
  • Automatic report generation (Word file format)
  • Best in class image quality

Module judgment

The easy-to-use software displays the recorded electroluminescence images directly and highlights any defects automatically found by the software. It is very easy to check and add assessments directly in the module view.

Module results should be saved with the serial number of the module for clear assignment. A standard barcode reader can be connected to the system to read out the module ID. All images and results of the test are then saved under the given module ID.

A report with all error images is generated in Word format at the touch of a button.

EL-lab Auswertung


MBJ EL lab 5.0
  • Max. module size (B x L in mm): 1400 x 2700mm
  • Camera: SolarCam12
  • No. of cameras: 2
  • Resolution: 180 µm/pixel
  • Image acq. time: 18 s
  • Module types: Framed modules or non-laminated modules, mono or multi-crystalline