MBJ camera set

The MBJ camera set is an electroluminescence inspection system consisting of cameras, power supply for powering the module, PC and evaluation software.

With this set, xenon solar simulators, whether they are tunnels or towers, can be retrofitted with a proven electroluminescent system from MBJ. New camera technologies enable a resolution of up to 24 MPixels at an affordable price.

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Retrofitting of XENON solar simulators with an EL system from MBJ

Depending on the configuration, two cooled 5 or 12 MPixel cameras are used. A user-friendly SW displays the electroluminescent images to the operator for manual assessment. The images are saved and thus the delivery status of the products is documented.

The system can be integrated into the automatic test procedure of the characteristic curve measurement. A switching box can switch between the solar simulator and the EL system without additional contacting.

Key features

  • Two resolution variants with two fixed cameras available in 10 and 24 MPixel
  • High-resolution configurations (60 MPixel) with moveable cameras possible
  • Integration into solar simulators from Berger Lichttechnik, H.A.L.M, Pasan and Endeas possible

Available options

  • Software license for offline PC
  • Software and hardware for a diode test
  • Software for shunt detection
  • Integration into the existing and fully automatic test procedure