NEW: Powerful MBJ UV lighting

MBJ Imaging is expanding its range to include UV wavelengths - as always, the focus is on high performance at the best price-performance ratio.

A wide variety of wavelengths enable the inspection of a wide range of properties and features in machine vision. Wavelengths that lie outside the visual spectrum of the human eye can also be utilized.

UV light is particularly high-energy, short-wave light and lies at the edge of the visible spectrum. In machine vision, the UV-C spectrum in particular is used in two ways: as direct light and its reflection and in the use of fluorescent properties that are stimulated by UV light. Fluorescence represents the majority of applications.

In fluorescence applications, the UV wavelengths excite an object, which then emits light in a different wavelength range in the visible spectrum. This visible wavelength is then used for the inspection task. For example, inspection imprints and security features can be examined, but materials can also be distinguished from one another or leaks can be detected.

The new UV High Power series from MBJ has everything you need for successful inspections with UV light: the technical design is specially optimized for powerful UV radiation. With different types of illumination (bar and ring lights) and two standard wavelengths available, 365 nm and 395 nm, they can be used for a wide range of applications. Focused at 45°, the light is concentrated onto the test object and is not lost. The lights are the front runners in the price-performance comparison.

The UV High Power series is also controlled via the popular integrated 4-mode controller. This allows the lights to be operated with 24V via Plug'n'Play in 4 operating modes: Continuous light, dimmed continuous light, switched continuous light (triggered) and in flash mode with up to double the brightness. Of course, the lights can also be ordered without an integrated controller for external LED control, e.g. via the extremely fast CTR-51 flash controller.

In the past, UV applications have always been challenging, but with the UV High Power series the best foundation has now been laid. In combination with optimal image acquisition, for example with bandpass filters for the amplification of visible fluorescence wavelengths and targeted balancing of colour vs. monochrome camera, the results can be further optimized.

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The illumination as a core component for industrial image processing is crucial for the performance of an automatic inspection system. MBJ Imaging offers inexpensive but at the same time high quality standard lighting based on the latest LED technology.

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