The MBJ Group has moved to Ahrensburg

The new company building was completed at the end of 2020

MBJ Group new company building in Ahrensburg Germany

2020 was anything but a normal year. A year that we will not forget in a hurry. Despite everything, it was a successful year for the companies of the MBJ Group: MBJ Solutions GmbH, MBJ Imaging GmbH and MBJ Services GmbH, which came to a close with the relocation to the new company building in Ahrensburg. The building was completed shortly before Christmas.

Due to the company's growth of the last years, we have reached our spatial limits. The production halls became too small and the number of offices was no longer sufficient. So it was already decided in 2019 that an expansion of the company building is inevitable.

Since this was not possible on the grounds of the former company location in Hamburg, we looked around for properties in the surrounding area and found a location in Ahrensburg, Schleswig-Holstein. Ahrensburg is only a few kilometers away from our previous location in Hamburg. In April 2020, the go-ahead was given for the new building, which was largely completed shortly before Christmas. With the relocation of all offices on the days between Christmas and New Year's Day, we are back to busyness since January 4, 2021. The production will move with a delay of two weeks to keep the production interruption as short as possible.

The new address for all three companies is:

Jochim-Klindt-Strasse 7, 22926 Ahrensburg, Germany

Our new phone numbers are:

MBJ Solution GmbH: +49 41 02 77 89 0 – 0

MBJ Imaging GmbH: +49 41 02 77 89 0 – 31

MBJ Services GmbH: +49 41 02 77 89 0 – 0

About MBJ Solutions GmbH

The MBJ company group consists of the three companies MBJ Solutions GmbH, MBJ Imaging GmbH and MBJ Services GmbH.

MBJ Solutions GmbH specializes in the development and sales of test and measurement systems for the photovoltaic industry. MBJ offers sun simulators, electroluminescence test systems and test systems for insulation and ground testing for the solar module production. 

MBJ Imaging GmbH specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of innovative LED lighting and LED controllers for automation industry and machine vision.

MBJ Services GmbH specializes in the development and distribution of test and measurement systems for on-site testing of solar modules. In particular, these are mobile sun simulators and high-resolution electroluminescence systems integrated in compact containers or trailers.


Press contact MBJ Solutions GmbH

Annika Beck
phone +49 41 02 77 89 0 - 18