Precise colors with RGBW ring lights from MBJ

MBJ's color ring light offers infinitely variable and precise color adjustments via 4 individual channels: red, green, blue and the additional white LED. Ideal for specific color assessments.

RGBW Ringlight from MBJ Imaging
Color light oncolorful pencils

In visual inspection, colors can be harnessed in a variety of ways, for example, to make certain elements visible, to emphasize them or to mask them. A colored object absorbs part of the light and reflects the rest. Light follows the additive color theory - white light is the addition of red, green and blue wavelengths.

When the color of the illumination is similar to that of the object, this light is reflected and the object appears much brighter; when the color of the object is complementary, i.e. lying opposite the color of the illumination in the color wheel, the object appears much darker. This effect can be used for a wide variety of inspection solutions. For example, irrelevant imprints on objects can be hidden, while others appear with increased contrast.

All colors can be generated from the individual red, green and blue color channels according to the additive color theory. This makes the inspection of colored objects with the MBJ 4 channel RGBW ringlight very precise and, above all, infinitely variable and flexible. Adjustments to different colors are easily possible, which means that even difficult inspection tasks can be carried out without difficulty.

A real advantage over other RGB illuminations is the extra white LED, which can be individually controlled via an additional channel. In addition to the individual color channels in Red (625nm), Green (535nm) and Blue (465nm), White (4000K) is available as a separate channel and can therefore not only be generated additively. This ensures a uniform spectral distribution for white and provides additional brightness.

At the same time, the RGBW illuminations offer the well-known advantages of ring lights, such as the avoidance of hard object shadows or space-saving installation. Of course, accessories such as diffusers are also available for these ring lights.

MBJ Imaging offers with the CTR-52 controller an external 4-channel LED controller that is ideally suited for controlling RGBW ring lights. The controller works both current and voltage controlled and is therefore suitable for flash as well as continuous lighting applications. The 4 channels can be controlled independently, and sequential operations are possible via trigger masking. The new software client ensures easy control, allowing you to integrate the lights into your system without any prior Modbus knowledge.

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