The new Patternlight from MBJ Imaging

With the new MBJ Patternlight, 3D analysis of objects is now very easy. It is also perfect as a positioning aid.


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Finally, the long-awaited Patternlight is here. The MBJ Patternlight comes with the usual powerful LED and is available in white, red and infrared as standard.

The Patternlight is suitable over the projection of patterns especially for the 3D analysis of objects, stereovision but also as an alignment or positioning aid.

MBJ Imaging offers 3 standard patterns. In addition, however, custom patterns can also be created. This means that the lighting can be specifically adapted to the project in order to achieve the best result.

Decisive for the best possible projection is the appropriate lens - e.g. depending on the area to be projected and the working distance. MBJ currently offers two standard lenses in wide (f=50 mm) and narrow (f= 12 mm). In general, however, the Patternlight is compatible with all common C-mount lenses. A table on the MBJ website helps to choose the right lens.

Inspection with the Patternlight

With the new MBJ Patternlight, 3D analysis of objects is now very easy. Surfaces that are difficult to inspect, such as those with low reflection or contrast, can be measured with the projected pattern. However, correct placement or filling of objects can also be easily verified with this method.

The pattern light shows its strength in combination with 2 cameras for stereo vision, ideal e.g. for pick and place applications.

With customized patterns, the pattern light can be used as a positioning aid, among other things. The matching pattern, designed as a frame, is simply projected onto an object for manual placement.


About MBJ Imaging GmbH

MBJ Imaging GmbH develops, produces and distributes LED illumination and controllers for industrial image processing.

The illumination as a core component for industrial image processing is crucial for the performance of an automatic inspection system. MBJ Imaging offers inexpensive but at the same time high quality standard lighting based on the latest LED technology.

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