New: Wide Bar Lighting from MBJ Imaging

The new wide bar lights of the WBL series have a 45mm wide light area allowing a very flexible use

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The advantage of the bar lights is the flexibility in use. Bar lights are very often used as incident light in a bright field setup - but can also be used for a dark field setup. Specially when illuminating large objects, other light types like top lights, can quickly reach their limits. Several bars around a camera are an ideal and cheap alternative.

In addition to the length of the radiating surface, the width can also be decisive, for example in order to illuminate larger object surfaces more homogeneously. In addition to the well-known bars of the SBL series with a 10mm wide light exit area, there is now the WBL series with a 45mm wide light exit area. They are available in lengths of 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.

In addition to the size of the light exit area, the type and manner of the light exit is also important for an ideal illumination of the test object. In the standard version, the LED light emerges directly with an opening angle of approx. 100 °. This is not ideal for all scenarios. The new foil holder provides an easy way to apply filters and change the light output. The foil holder screws on externally and can easily be retrofitted.

The following foils for manipulating the LED light are avilable as accessories:

  • Surface diffuser with a strong degree of diffusion of 90 ° and a very high degree of transmission of 95%. This allows the object to be illuminated very homogeneously at close range and avoids direct reflection of individual LEDs
  • Polarizing filter with a linear polarization in the longitudinal direction. In combination with a polarizing filter on the camera lens, it is very easy to suppress reflections on highly reflective objects.

The great advantage of these special foils is not only their very flat structure but also their combinability. Up to 3 pieces can be arranged one above the other. We therefore offer a solution for almost every lighting problem.

The WBL series comes in the following LED colors: white with 5000K (CRI80), red, infrared, green, blue and yellow in the standard program, whereby versions with white, red and infrared LEDs are available from stock. The wide bar is mounted using two M4 threaded holes on the front surfaces and, depending on the length, several on the rear. There are also M2.5 threaded holes on the long sides for mounting the foil holder. These can optionally also be used for heat dissipation.

The new wide bar lights are equipped with the new standard -s controller, which is designed for an operating voltage of 24V. This means that the lights are operated in permanent light as before, but can now additionally be dimmed, triggered and operated in flash mode with twice the brightness.


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