New: MBJ Mobile Lab 5.0 and MBJ Mini Lab at Intersolar

With the Mini Lab and the Mobile Lab 5.0, MBJ Solutions offers two new systems for measuring PV modules in the field.

Booth of the MBJ Solutions GmbH at the Intersolar Europe

The Mobile Lab 5.0 is the consistent further development of the Mobile Lab 4.0, which is well known in the market. A complete redesign makes this system future-proof, more independent and more cost-effective.

Future-proof by increasing the active area for modules up to 1400 mm x 2700 mm. More independent by combining sun simulator and electroluminescence tester in one system which can be easily integrated in a van like the Mercedes Sprinter or in a trailer. We can assist you with the installation on request.

The inspection performance remains at a well-known high level with the TÜV certified A+A+A+ LED sun simulator according to IEC 606904-9 Ed.3, a high resolution electroluminescence tester, diode test and connection test. Results are stored on the system's own laptop and can be exported by the software in an overall report in PDF format.

The MBJ Mini Lab, also new, includes the same components as the Mobile Lab 5.0, the A+A+A+ LED solar simulator and the EL tester, but it is designed more for stationary use on site. Integrated into a container, the system is transportable and thus ideal for the initial testing of modules during the construction of large solar parks. However, the system is also very well suited for laboratories and universities as a stationary system.  

The vertical design simplifies the handling of the modules. After the power measurement, the modules can be easily pushed to the EL system via a roller conveyor. The MBJ software is a comprehensive tool for operating the system.

For more information, please visit our website, where you can also download the product flyers of the systems MBJ Mobile Lab 5.0 and MBJ Mini Lab.

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