New at MBJ Imaging: Coaxial Lighting

Diffuse coaxial illumination in two different sizes is the new member of MBJ Imaging's product portfolio.

 MBJ Imaging New: Coaxial Lighting

The latest addition to the MBJ product range is a coaxial lighting. Often requested by customers, it is now a permanent part of the portfolio since the beginning of 2021. In the standard version, MBJ offers the COX-1010 model with a light field of 100mm x 100mm and the COX-2020 model with a light field of 200mm x 200mm. Both lightings can be ordered in six different LED colors: white (5000K, CRI80), red, infrared, green, blue and yellow. The colors white, red and infrared LED are available from stock. 

When it comes to illuminating highly reflective or shiny objects with low height extension, coaxial lighting is the ideal choice. The diffuse light of a flat LED area light source, mounted to the side of the object, is projected vertically onto the object via a semi-transparent mirror, creating an illumination parallel to the optical axis of the camera. The camera looks directly onto the object from above through the same semi-transparent mirror. The illumination appears as if directly shining from the direction of the camera lens.

Due to the axis-parallel illumination, plane objects appear bright, the light is reflected directly back into the camera, and object parts that deviate from the plane appear darker, the light is reflected away from the camera. Shadows cast by objects are also reduced quite considerably by axial illumination. Coaxial illumination is often used in automatic positioning and placement tasks, print image inspection on reflective surfaces and inspection of glossy or transparent packaging labels.

MBJ Imaging's coaxial lightings are designed for use in automation applications: the LEDs are mounted in a sturdy, black anodized aluminum housing from which the radiation is emitted through a diffuse Plexiglas protective screen. The housing of the coaxial light is also made of anodized aluminum and the upper opening is covered by a protective glass with anti-reflective coating protecting the mirror from dust and unwanted reflections to the camera. The electrical connection is made via an M8 flange, which is widely used in automation technology. The COX series is mounted using the M4 threaded holes on the left and right sides of the housing.

All coaxial illuminators are delivered with the new integrated LED controller (-s) or completely without integrated LED controller (-x) at no extra charge. The LED controller (-s) offers four operating modes in one: continuous light, continuous light with brightness control, switched continuous light and synchronously triggered flash light. Depending on the assignment of the DIM connector, 4 different operating modes can be realized. It is possible to switch between the operating modes during operation. All inputs are of course protected against reverse polarity and short circuit.

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