MBJ Solutions presents A+A+A+ LED sun simulator for solar modules on this years InterSolar Europe

Hamburg, 23. May 2017 – MBJ Solutions GmbH presents the new A+A+A+ sun simulator on this year’s InterSolar exhibition in Munich.

LED solar simulators are addressing the disadvantages of the Xenon technology. With an LED Flasher a long flash duration can easily be realized and the LEDs are designed for several million flashes. Under normal operational conditions an exchange of LEDs is not necessary anymore. In lab tests up to 10 million flashes with constant electrical current were carried out to prove it. At the end of the tests the degradation of the LEDs was less than 0.5% of the initial value. This yields to a stable luminosity and spectrum over the whole product lifetime. 10 million flashes correspond to a life span of 10 years with a cycle time of approx. 30s. The result is an immense costs saving compared to the costs occurring for a Xenon flashers product lifetime.

Another advantage of the LED technology is the smart form factor. LED flashers are usually built up as compact table flasher. The integration into the production line is much simpler than before: for the measurement the modules can remain in their normal orientation (sunny side down) without the need to turn the module to a vertical or sunny side up orientation normally required for a tower or tunnel flasher.

For the new bifacial modules the LED technology offers new possibilities. A bifacial module can be measured by simply putting one additional LED unit above the module. Following the requirements for bifacial modules, the module can be measured first with 1000 W/m² from the sunny side and in a second step with 100-300 W/m² from the back. Next to that, it is also possible to combine the measurement and measure the total power with one flash with predefined settings for each of the two light source (the one for the sunny side and the one for the back side).

About MBJ Solutions GmbH MBJ Solutions focuses on the development, production and distribution of inspection and measurement systems along the photovoltaic module production process. The product portfolio consist of electroluminescense inspection systems, visual inspection systems, hipot and grounding testers and LED sun simulators.

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