MBJ Solutions GmbH and MBJ Services GmbH exhibiting at the Intersolar in Bangalore India

MBJ Solutions GmbH and MBJ Services GmbH would like to thank you for visiting us on the Intersolar India in Bangalore. We were able to win new contacts and discuss some very interesting projects.

The SolarModule LED sun simulator from MBJ Solutions GmbH is a innovative TÜV certified LED triple A+ sun simulator following the IEC 60904-9 standard. The LED technology provides much longer life time, longer pulse duration up to 200ms and a substantially better stability of the light source over time. All this results in better measurement results and significantly reduced operating costs over the systems life time. The sun simulator has an integrated conveyor and performs the measurement sunny side down which makes the integration into the production flow easier than ever.

The SolarModule EL-inline family stands for high-resolution and fully-automatic electroluminescence test systems. They provide a very good picture quality at high resolution. What makes the SolarModule EL-inline family so special? The unique conveying concept guarantees a safe transport even with thinnest glasses and is therefore ideal for testing before lamination. The system is available in two speed variants (standard and HS) and in two sizes (6x12 and 8x12). The product change is at the touch of a button. The automatic image analysis software is reliable and easy to use.

The 3rd generation MBJ Mobile Lab from MBJ Services GmbH combines a TÜV certified A+ A+ A solar sun simulator from MBJ Solutions with a high-resolution electroluminescence test system according to IEC 60904-9. It is now also available as a pure "Mobile Flasher" version for a very attractive entry price. The mobile laboratory for solar modules enables standard-compliant and precise on-site testing at maximum throughput. In one shift up to 300 modules can be checked in detail.

The laboratory optionally includes up to 7 test methods. In addition to the power measurement and the electroluminescence, the basic scope includes connection testing and the test of the bypass diodes. Optional there are air conditoning, thermography, high voltage measurement, grounding test and other add ons available.

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