Just Bright! – The VISION 2021 was a great success

The all-around positive feedback on our products and their price-performance ratio confirms our concept. From the presented novelties the Flex lighting found very large interest with our visitors.


MBJ Imaging booth at the VISION 2021 trade show

At the VISION trade show, MBJ Imaging presented itself under the motto "Just Bright". With the introduction of an expanded and entirely revised product portfolio the event was a fantastic start back into the presence fairs. The general response clearly showed how important and necessary the trade shows are for our industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for visiting our booth. We had so many talks with new ideas and interesting new projects that we are starting our post-fair preparations with joy and vigor.

Also our fair novelties found active interest.

Our new 4-channel controller CTR-52 offers the possibility to control up to 4 LED channels independently from each other. This allows an easy implementation of more complex lighting tasks. The communication is easily done via the Ethernet based Modbus interface for which we offer a free software development kit.

Of particular interest was our mechanically renewed concept of the Flex Light Series: the light series, available as back or top light, is configurable in its size up to a maximum of 800mm x 1000mm, in steps of 100mm. Additionally, for the top light several camera and lens openings can be configured, this is ideal for multi camera applications. The Flex Bar Lights we can offer up to a maximum length of 1600mm, again in your choice of 100mm increments. Especially interesting here is the possibility to change the light characteristic to match the application: with different lenses or optical foils the light can be modified to be: a line, diffuse, polarized or collimated.

Our conclusion to the fair is all positive and we are very pleased about the interest and the confidence you show us through your projects. Our next fair will be the local "all about automation" fair in Hamburg, maybe we will see each other there.

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