Larger in Size – MBJ Imaging presents new LED-Dome lighting

MBJ Imaging expands the range of their dome lightings by a dome with 300mm inner diameter.


By introducing the new dome lighting SDL-30, an even wider applicability becomes possible. The SDL-Series now can be used for even larger objects, as the inner diameter now has been increased to 300mm. MBJ Imaging now offers a wide range of dome lightings, starting at 50mm diameter. To find the suitable size, there should always be between 5mm to max 20 mm between the objects outer edge and the inner edge of the dome.

Dome lightings are especially made for Machine Vision LED lighting. The construction of the dome allows a diffuse light from all spacial directions. This creates a homogeneous and shadow free result.


Therefor LED-dome lightings are suitable for:

  • Highly or slightly reflective materials (e.g. illuminating CD´s)
  • Curved objects (Curvature from up to +/- 45 Degree can be illuminated homogeneously)
  • Verifying and two-dimensional codes

The SDL- Series can be run in 24V steady mode or camera controlled flash mode. The standard colors are red and white. Other colors are also available.

About MBJ Imaging GmbH

MBJ Imaging GmbH, founded in 2013, is a subsidiary of MBJ Solutions GmbH. The company specializes in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative LED lighting and LED controllers for the automation industry.

Illumination is a core component for industrial image processing and critical to the performance of an inspection unit. MBJ Imaging has set itself the goal of offering reliable, industrial-suited and also cost-efficient standard lighting based on the latest LED technologies.

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