InterSolar: 2nd Generation of Electroluminescence Inspection Systems

MBJ Solutions GmbH presents the 2nd generation of electroluminescence inspection systems on this year’s InterSolar exhibition in Munich. For the first time the new SolarModule EL-quickline 2.0 is introduced to the visitors of the exhibition. The revised version of the original SolarModule EL-quickline series is based on an optimized mechanical concept that allows a better access for the operators to the machine and a huge flexibility in terms of resolution and cycle time. The standard version is equipped with two high resolution MBJ EL cameras mounted on a linear axis. This configuration provides a cycle time below 30s and image data of 20MPixel. Based on the customer requirements the resolution can be increased up to 72 MPixel, allowing fully automatic defect detection without any operator interaction.

Beside this new product the automatic defect detection software and the graphical user interface of all products was revised. The 2nd generation of the defect detection software with its new algorithms delivers a substantial higher defect detection rate at significant lower false defect rate. The graphical user interface was improved based on the experiences and requirements of our customers.

The high resolution inspection series SolarModule EL-inline is now also available in a high speed version. Including loading and unloading, this unit reaches a cycle time of 20s with highest resolution and automatic defect detection.

The SolarModule EL-flasher – an EL system for the integration into sun simulators – is now available with a resolution of 24MPixel.

Also new is the rework station software. Using a barcode scanner the operator in the rework area can load the EL-image of the defective module. After the repair is finished this module is feed back into the line and the inline inspection EL system recognizes the module a repaired module so the result data is handled accordingly.

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