First MBJ Mobile Lab 3.0 will be shipped to South Africa

MBJ Services will deliver the first updated third-generation mobile testing laboratory to Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The new version of the mobile testing laboratory for solar modules is available in two basic models:

  • as a pure mobile flasher "Mobile Flasher 3.0" at a significantly lower entry-level price
  • or as a mobile laboratory system with additionally integrated electroluminescence tester as "Mobile Lab 3.0"

The new 3.0 concept is much more flexible in configuration: depending on customer requirements further options such as air conditioning, thermography, insulation testing and much more can be integrated.

The Nelson Mandela University, working in collaboration with university spin-off company PVinsight (Pty) Ltd will receive the first Mobile Lab 3.0 in early 2019. Further orders from internationally renowned market participants are already placed.

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