Even more light with the new Arealight series

Can it ever be bright enough? Our customers say "no." There is now even more light with the new Arealight series.

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The large Arealights have a direct light emission and are suitable for illuminating large objects or entire areas evenly and brightly. They can be used individually or in combination, e.g. to prevent shadows.

As usual, MBJ Imaging uses SMD-LEDs for these lights, which provide very good heat dissipation due to their design, and thus form the basis for long-lasting, power-stable lighting.

The new Arealights are available in a luminous area width of 90 mm and in three different lengths and have a beam angle of approx. 100°. Diffuser or polarization foils can be used to additionally adapt the illumination to the test application. Like all MBJ lights, the Arealights are characterized by their slim, compact design, making them particularly easy to integrate into systems.

For uncomplicated yet flexible commissioning, the Arealights are equipped with MBJ's popular proprietary integrated controller. Without additional costs via plug 'n' play, the lights can be operated in 4 operating modes (continuous light, PWM brightness control, triggered continuous light and strobe light). On request, the lights are also manufactured without an integrated controller and can be operated via external controllers.

About MBJ Imaging GmbH

MBJ Imaging GmbH develops, produces and distributes LED illumination and controllers for industrial image processing. The illumination as a core component for industrial image processing is crucial for the performance of an automatic inspection system. MBJ Imaging offers inexpensive but at the same time high quality standard lighting based on the latest LED technology.

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