The MBJ range is growing

Our goal is to make machine vision illumination as easy and affordable as possible. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve and expand our product range.

Erweitertes Produktportfolio MBJ

We are now presenting our new additions for the first half of the year for the first time @ Control 2022: 

New sizes for even more precise illumination! 

Precise illumination improves the recording quality and makes test systems more accurate and efficient. Therefore, we have extended our product range with the new Wide Barlight WBL-0440 with a length of 400 mm for extra large objects or longer distances.  

New addition to the Ringlight series is the Ringlight SRL-10 with a luminous area diameter of 100 mm as a new intermediate size. For that extra bit of light, the Ringlight SRL-10 is also available as a High Power SRL-10 version. This allows our customers to illuminate their projects even more precisely. 

"We have responded to feedback from the market. In constant contact with our customers, we learn what their needs are. Our advantage is that we can react quickly and flexibly and implement feedback," explains MBJ Imaging Managing Director Andreas Bayer.  

The Flex Series with even more configuration options 

For projects with special requirements, MBJ offers the Flex Series. Here, customers can configure lighting to suit their individual needs and determine not only the LED colors but also the size of the lighting and the lighting characteristics - all at standard prices. The range extends from Bar- and Backlights to Toplights.  

In addition to the number and position of the camera aperture, customers can now also choose from a range of three hole diameters for the Flexlight Top. 

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