MBJ Solutions offers an inline electroluminescence string inspection system for layup integration

MBJ launches another inline electroluminescence inspection system. This system is designed to operate fully integrated in automated layup systems. Beside the electroluminescence inspection it also measures the position of the cells in a string and transfers this information to the control unit of the robot system. 

Until now only available as standalone system, MBJ is offering it’s inspection system for solar strings from now on also as fully automated inline version. Outstanding feature is the inspection speed: less than 5s are necessary to perform the electroluminescence inspection and the cell position measurement. Excellent EL image quality through a multi-camera approach, allow reliable and fully automated defect detection. The innovative LED-illumination for cell position measurement is integrated inside of the inspection system, avoiding an extensive integration into the robot’s hand. „Our goal was to develop a cost effective and very fast solution. To reduce the costs we designed beside a very innovative LED illumination new cameras with 2 and 4 MPixel for the electroluminescence inspection “, says CEO Dr. Michael Fuß.

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