Backend Solution

全新的后端检测解决方案:将MBJ Service提供的闪光(IV)测试技术(已获德国TÜV认证),耐压/接地测试与MBJ成熟的EL检测技术完美地相结合。

MBJ的后端检测解决方案是全新的创新型检测系统,适用于太阳能组件生产工序的后端检测。该系统将所有最重要的检测功能集于一体:A+A+A级 LED 太阳能模拟器, 耐压/接地测试装置,以及成熟的EL检测技术。所有检测项目只需将组件的阳光面(正面)朝下,相对于之前的产线集成设计则容易很多。


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Innovative LED technology for the backend inspection

The MBJ backend solution is a new, innovative inspection system for the backend of the module production process. It combines the most important inspection tasks in one compact system: an A+A+A+ LED sun simulator, a hipot and grounding test and our proven EL inspection technology. All the inspection steps are performed sunny side down, which makes the integration into a production much easier than before.

The LED technology addresses the major problems of the established XENON technology: much better life time, long pulse duration, much better stability of the light source of the time. This results in better measurement result and significantly reduced running costs.

The technology is perfect for new module concepts like bi-facial modules.