MBJ LED Sun Simulator - Lab

The laboratory system is supplied as a table top sun simulator for manual loading and unloading. This enables a very simple integration into any laboratory workflow without additional effort.

By measuring with the sunny side down, the measuring process is very simple: place the module, connect the module cables to the contacting adapters of the system, read in the module ID via an optional barcode reader and press the start button. All results, including those of the reference module, are saved in the supplied database. If necessary, a report can be generated.

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LED Sun Simulator for Laboratories

Of course, the laboratory version also offers functions such as the automatic recognition of the reference module and the storage of the data in a database. This system also is of the newest generation and is certified according to IEC 60904-9 Ed.3 as triple A+. With the 13 different LED types, an even better representation of the solar spectrum is achieved. The expansion of the spectrum in UV and IR allows precise measurement of a wide variety of module types, including thin-film, PERC and HJT based modules.

We can cover the requirements for different module sizes, based on the used cell sizes from M0 - M12, with our modular system structure. Four configurations (Standard, Wide, Eco, Max) are available as standard, please contact us if your module sizes differ.

Technical details

  • TÜV certified LED light source (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • Spectrum Class A+ (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3, wavelength range 300nm-1200nm)
  • Long term instability (LTI) < +/- 1%  Class A+  (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • Non uniformity < +/- 1% Class A+ (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • Repeatability of Pmax (Flash to Flash) <0.1%
  • Configurable irradiance 200-1000 W/m2
  • Maximum irradiance 1200 W/m2
  • Usable Pulse duration max. 180ms at full irradiance

Available options

  • Remote operator panel with label printer and PC including review software for final evaluation of the module
  • USB Barcode Reader for Modul ID reading
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Single cell homogeniety measurement tool with SW for regular homogeniety verificatio


LED Sun Simulator 4.0 - Lab

For modules made up of cells from M0 to M6 with up to 6 strings

  • Illuminated area (W x L in mm) 1040 x 2160 mm
  • Maximum module size (W x L in mm) 1060 x 2250 mm
  • Module types: framed modules, unframed glass - film / glass - glass modules
  • MC4 electrical connection adapter

Innovative LED Technology

We use the innovative LED technology for our sun simulators. The LED technology solves many known problems that result from the use of the previously dominant xenon technology. Here for instance the long life time of the LEDs, the usable pulse duration of up to 180ms and the stability of the light during the flash are to be mentioned. All of these points lead to very good reproducibility, lowest maintenance and ownership costs and excellent suitability for new module concepts such as bi-facial modules, PERC and HJT modules.