MBJ Mini Lab 4.0

The MBJ Mini Lab is designed for a detailed quality analysis of PV modules during the installation of a solar park. Directly on site, integrated for example into a container, modules can be tested in a random sampling procedure easily and without further long and costly transport before mounting. Thus you are ideally positioned for your installation sites.

The Mini Lab consists of an A+A+A+ LED sun simulator for power and IV curve measurement and a high resolution electroluminescence system. To be prepared for the expected larger modules we offer the MBJ Mini Lab in three different sizes.

The solar simulator is certified by TÜV Rheinland according to standard IEC 60904-9 Ed.3 and offers the possibility to measure modules based on PERC and HJT cell technology due to its improved spectrum in the IR and UV range.

MBJ Mini Lab with PV Module & SW images
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Designed for easy installation and operation

The operation of the MBJ Mini Lab is very simple: The modules are placed vertically on a roller conveyor, electrically connected and can be measured directly. There are two measuring positions, the first to measure the power of the module in a current-voltage characteristic, the second for high resolution electroluminescence imaging. For the electroluminescence image, the module is simply moved one position further. With the stationary EL cameras, image acquisition takes only a few seconds.

With a USB barcode scanner, transferring the module ID into the system is very simple. All results are stored in the supplied database under this unique ID.  The user-friendly Windows 10® based software, installed on a 17" notebook, allows direct final assessment of the EL images and data evaluation of the IV curve. A detailed report in PDF format can be output for documentation.

MBJ Mini Lab with PV module