SolarModule EL-quickline

The SolarModule EL-quickline is the fastest high-resolution electroluminescence test system in our product range. The system can be flexibly adapted to the requirements in terms of speed and resolution. With the center support, it can also be used in the area before lamination.

The system is available in short edge and long edge leading configurations so that integration into the production line is easily possible.

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The fastest electroluminescence inspection system in our product range

Depending on the requirements, the system can be equipped with 2, 3 or 6 high-resolution fast CMOS cameras. The version with two cameras and a resolution of 280 μm is designed for manual operation, the image evaluation supports the operator in the evaluation.

The high resolution variants with 3 and 6 camera reach 180 μm / pixel. In this configuration, fully automatic image evaluation is standard. The system with 6 cameras is our fastest system with fully automatic image analysis with a cycle time of 20 sec.

The SolarModule EL-quickline can be easily integrated into a production line with the integrated module transport.

Key features

  • Available in two speed variants (20s and 30s cycle time)
  • Available in two sizes (6x12 and 8x12)
  • Available in two resolution variants (180 μm/pixel and 280 μm/pixel)
  • Integrated transport concept with center support for unframed modules
  • Module transport is possible in portrait and landscape orientation (short egde and long edge leading)
  • Fast product change
  • User-friendly automatic image analysis software included
  • Automatic contacting for standard modules included

Available options

  • Software license for an additional workstation
  • Software for repair workstation
  • Contacting unit for two junction boxes and center contacting
  • Cell distance measurement
  • Dark current test
  • Diode Test
  • Automatic Barcode Reader
  • MES interface SEGS / GEM PV02
  • Various interfaces such as Profibus, CC Link, u.a.