SolarModule EL-inline

The SolarModule EL-inline family stands for high resolution and fully automatic electroluminescence inspection systems. The cooled NIR-CCD cameras deliver a very good image quality with high resolution.

What makes the SolarModule EL-inline family so special?

The unique conveying concept guarantees a safe transport even with thinnest glasses and is therefore ideal for testing before lamination. The system is available in two speed variants, standard and high speed (HS), and in two sizes (6x12 and 8x12). The product change is done at the touch of a button and the automatic image analysis software is reliable and easy to use.

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Fully automatic electroluminescence inspection before lamination

The products of the SolarModule EL-inline family are designed for integration into the module production line prior to lamination. Our high-resolution cameras deliver excellent image quality with fast image capture allowing automatic detection of relevant defects. A manual evaluation of images is no longer necessary, which can save considerable costs. The communication to upstream and downstream processes is flexible and can be adapted to all common interfaces.

The simultaneously simple yet unique mechanical design combined with a modern and stable software/ hardware architecture makes the system a high-end electroluminescent inspection system with an excellent price/ performance ratio.

Key features

  • Fast product changeover without mechanical effort
  • Safe Transport pre-lamination inspection
  • Automatic image processing software
  • Configurable in speed (standard/high speed)
  • Configurable in size (6x12 and 8x12)


  • Software license for offline work station
  • Shunt detection software
  • Diode test
  • Automatic contact unit
  • Automatic cell measurement
  • Automatic barcode scanner