SolarCell EL-lab

The compact SolarCell EL-lab contains all the necessary electrical and mechanical components for electroluminescence testing of solar cells. Only a monitor and a keyboard must be connected for operation and the device is ready for use.

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Electroluminescence inspection of solar cells

The devices are easy to use: After closing the drawer, in which the solar cell is inserted, the solar cell is automatically contacted, subjected to voltage and current and using a CCD or CMOS camera, a high-resolution electroluminescent image is recorded and stored. The Windows user software allows easy operation of the device. For the image acquisition, the exposure time, current and voltage value can be set.

The compact design, the good image quality and the user-friendly operating concept combined with a low price characterize the SolarCell EL-lab.

Technical details

  • Compact device (WxHxL): 360 mm x 675 mm x 515 mm
  • Available with two camera types (EL-lab 170μm, EL-lab HR 100μm)
  • Optimized for 6 "mono and multicrystalline cells (other optional)
  • Pneumatic contacting for easy operationResolution: 170μm/pixel